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English Heritage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

English Heritage - Essay Example Increase people's understanding of the past" (Who Are We 2005). The Heritage achieves these goals and objectives by implementing various standards, by acting as a national and international champion for the heritage, by giving grants for the conservation of historic buildings, monuments and landscapes and maintaining registers for England's most significant historic buildings, monuments and landscapes. They also advise on the preservation of the historic environment, encourage broader public involvement, and promote education and research. They do these things while still caring for Stonehenge and over 400 other historic properties and maintaining the National Monuments Record. The organization also generates income for the benefit of the historic environment. The Heritage has come under attack lately for some of its actions, but at the same time has been lauded for its protection of historic buildings. There are some who believe this protection is the noblest and most worthwhile of all the organization's ventures. These national treasures are 'finite assets' that connect the ages, protect our ancestor's memories and preserve our heritage. Part of Britain's inheritance is all the structures that identify us as Britain. "English Heritage has the task of identifying and protecting thi... This paper will appraise the English Heritage protection system by examining its brief history and its present responsibilities. Along with that aspect, the paper will also show how the Heritage' various policies are perceived by the public. It will critique the current aspects and roles of English Heritage and outline opportunities for reform , the continuing reformation process that was initiated several years ago and continues to take place currently and how those reformations are changing the face of the organization. Also considered in the paper will be the group's various accomplishments, technological advancements in the system and future goals or the organization. Reforming the Organization In 2004, Heritage Minister Andrew McIntosh announced a number of reformation rights for owners of 'period properties'. Theses rights included statutory consultation and a new right of appeal. That these rights had to be announced at all is evidence that the reformation process had to be initiated. There have been many groups and individuals through the years calling for a more open and disclosing organization, but the organization seemed to defend itself by ignoring these calls.A study conducted by DCMS in July 2003 stated the following; "more than four in every five respondents favoured a single unified list of all heritage assets, and almost 100% supported plans to make the listing process more open" (DCMS 2004 pg 2). In considering these group's and individuals calling for the reforms other announcements at the same time concerning the reformation program included the creation of a new 'super

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Humanities Today Essay Example for Free

Humanities Today Essay The academic discipline known as humanities is the study of how man interprets the world around him. The study of humanities has been around since mankind began investigating and questioning the world they lived in. According to the article What are the Humanities?(2000), when the National Endowment for the Humanities was established in 1964, Congress created the following definition of humanities which included the study of:history; literature; philosophy and ethics; foreign languages and cultures; linguistics; jurisprudence or philosophy of law; archeology; comparative religion; the history, theory, and criticism of the arts; and those aspects of the social sciences. In this definition the key point for distinguishing humanities from other modes of human inquiry is the fact that humanities are based on historical and expressive interpretation rather than theory and logic. Humanities inquire about the humans interpretation of his or her surroundings. The inquiries come from the general population or an individuals own expression of human reaction to historical events and the way that it is expressed through art, science, politics, literature, music, architecture, and religion. Other modes of human inquiry are based off of proven facts and scientific theories. A persons interpretation has little to do with science (What are the Humanities, 2000). ArtOne of the more controversial ways that the arts have been affected by modern humanities is the showcasing of human bodies as art. An exhibition called Gunther von Hagens BODY WORLDS: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies is now touring the United States. This exhibition displays human bodies that have been plasticized, doing various normal human activities. Some displays have cadavers in the middle of making a shot in basketball, while others displays a family sitting around a kitchen table. In this day of rapid technological advances, it is sometimes hard to distinguish pure art from criminal activity. At fist glance most people are amazed to see that technology has allowed a concept like this to be possible. Many people feel that there is much to be learned about the human body through this display of art. On the other hand many people are outraged by the exhibit calling it a denigration of the human spirit. Others have  called it a criminal act. The companies that process these human bodies are currently being investigated by the U.S. government. Many fingers have been pointed at China for having a black market for cadavers. No one knows for sure how the companies even come across so many cadavers and if the persons permission was given. One thing is for sure that this form of art represents the mind set of the world today. This tiny fraction of the art world represents the change in religious beliefs, technology, and artistic expression today (Cattani, 2008). MusicMusic is definitely an area that changes through the attitudes and expression of past generations, especially in the African-American community. During the time of slavery music was a way for slaves to capture some of the heritage that was so violently taken away from them. Similar to musicians today, one of the way slaves used music was as a way to express the way they felt about the environment around them. Many songs from those days represented oppression and sorrow. Some other songs represented times of joy or the hope of overcoming oppression. Slaves also used music for celebration, communication, and mourning (Slave Songs, n.d.). Todays African-American community still uses music in some of the same ways. Times have changed. Slavery has been abolished but from slavery there arose racial separatism, feelings of hate between the races, and distrust of Caucasians by other races. This is where the harshness and intentionally angry voice of gangsta rap is derived. This genre of music is an outlet for young African American males to voice the inequality and unjust behaviors that they feel from society. ArchitectureFrank Lloyd Wright is one the foremost fathers of modern American architecture. He believed that past methods for architecture were relied too heavily. Wright made it a point to reject the 19th century European architecture that people were used to. His style was attributed to the blocks he played with as a child and from modern Japanese architecture. Since the world was going through a new industrial period, Wright felt is was necessary to include materials that emphasized the world around him. He began to use materials such as steel and glass in his architecture. Open  floor plans with few walls separating rooms were also a turn from traditional architecture (Modern Architecture, 2007). PhilosophyOne of the noted pioneers of modern philosophy is John Dewey. Among other branches of philosophy, Dewey was relentless on the subject of experimental education. Dewey believed that the current method of education was more concerned with feeding children information rather then learning from the childs experiences. Dewey believed that it is the educators responsibility to facilitate learning in a way which accounts for each students uniqueness. Today, many school philosophies are still based on Deweys theory of experience (Neill, 2005). LiteratureThe information age has had a lasting effect on modern literature. Through T.V., the internet, and the media information is capable of being exchanged over long distances in a very short period of time. Mankind has shown a hunger for information in modern years. In the 21st century literature related to true events have become very popular. Because of this, the status of celebrities has somewhat fallen. The people who used to be held as iconic figures have become as human as everyone else today. Instead of the imaginative fiction literary works that used to be the norm, today autobiographies and tabloid magazines are flying off the shelves. The situation only reflects the information driven society from which it comes. The study of humanities is an ever changing journey. Humanities will changes with the questions and expression about every generation to come. Humanities are unique in that a quest for the purpose and meaning of the human life is being sought. As time goes on, the study of humanities will be become broader, taking with it all the questions of yesterday. References Cattani, T. (2008). Human cadavers on displayas an attraction?. Retrieved February 22, 2008,from Living Lake Country Web site: Architecture, (2007). Retrieved February 22, 2008, from Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia Web site:

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Steam Engines :: essays research papers

The Steam Engine The steam engine provided a landmark in the industrial development of Europe. The first modern steam engine was built by an engineer, Thomas Newcomen, in 1705 to improve the pumping equipment used to eliminate seepage in tin and copper mines. Newcomen's idea was to put a vertical piston and cylinder at the end of a pump handle. He put steam in the cylinder and then condensed it with a spray of cold water; the vacuum created allowed atmospheric pressure to push the piston down. In 1763 James watt, an instrument-maker for Glasgow University, began to make improvements on Newcomen's engine. He made it a reciprocating engine, thus changing it from an atmospheric to a true "steam engine." He also added a crank and flywheel to provide rotary motion. In 1774 the industrialist Michael Boulton took Watt into partnership, and their firm produced nearly five hundred engines before Watt's patent expired in 1800. Water power continued in use, but the factory was now liberated from the streamside. A Watt engine drove Robert Fulton's experimental steam vessel Clermont up the Hudson in 1807. Railroads The coming of the railroads greatly facilitated the industrialization of Europe. At mid.eighteenth century the plate or rail track had been in common use for moving coal from the pithead to the colliery or furnace. After 1800 flat tracks were in use outside London, Sheffield, and Munich. With the expansion of commerce, facilities for the movement of goods from the factory to the ports or cities came into pressing demand. In 1801 Richard Trevithick had an engine pulling trucks around the mine where he worked in Cornwall. By 1830 a railway was opened from Liverpool to Manchester; and on this line George Stephenson's ''Rocket'' pulled a train of cars at fourteen miles an hour. The big railway boom in Britain came in the years 1844 to 1847. The railway builders had to fight vested interests-for example, canal stockholders, turnpike trusts, and horse breeders-but by 1850, aided by cheap iron and better machine tools, a network of railways had been built. By midcentury railroad trains travelling at thirty to fifty miles an hour were not uncommon, and freight steadily became more important than passengers. After 1850 in England the state had to intervene to regulate what amounted to a monopoly of inland transport. But as time went on the British railways developed problems. The First World War (1914-1918) found them suffering from overcapitalization, rising costs, and state regulation.

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Mikala Williams Writing Sample Word Count: 469 On the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore there are a plethora of beautiful buildings that signify greatness. The architecture of the buildings is brilliant and gives the campus a sense of exquisiteness. The thoughts that go through the minds of incoming freshman could only be about what there roommate will be like, if they will be able to manage their classes and so on. The living conditions in the dorms are respectable and are suitable for any residential student.But not only is the atmosphere of a campus highly anticipated by incoming freshman, housing and dorms are also apart of the excitement. As a freshman here at UMES, I was assigned to live in a building known as University of Terrace, on the third floor. The dorm is an all girl freshman dorm and is located on the farthest end of the entire campus, getting to classes is quite a walk. Because â€Å"UT† is newest dormitory on campus, it was built away from th e buildings where most classes are held. The dorms are almost perfect in size, not too small or too large.The more space the more miscellaneous things that would become clutter. A bathroom, which isn’t exactly what I’d call home, connects two rooms. First opening the wooden door and pushing the metal handle down, it was cold and didn’t have a â€Å"homey† feeling. Surrounded by white brick walls floored with flattened carpet that seems to go with almost any color. As far as a working space, it’s pretty simple. It includes a basic wooden desk and cushioned chair under it. Once I unpacked and â€Å"spiced up the place† a bit, the room didn’t look too bad.As with every housing building there are rules to be abide by and upheld. My building’s Residential Assistant, better known as RA’s, made it apparent that all residences are required to follow the rules and procedures. Every Tuesday, RA’s conduct weekly room inspect ions, to make sure that residences adhere to keeping the bathrooms and rooms clean and neat. Another great facet of the dorm is that the air-conditioning and heating systems work wonderfully. Although, there are some defects with the dorm regulations.As ar as visitation hours are concerned residence cant just have anyone the rooms. Male visitors can only stay until 2a. m. , but female visitors can stay for three nights in a row. All in all, the housing at UMES is generally a great experience. It’s not too much of a problem that the visitation hours aren’t that great, but that would be a great asset to living in UT. In regard to great assets, the conditions are livable and as long as maintained, that aspect should remain. Even though there are some downsides to staying in the halls, overall the experience is a good one, indeed. Descriptive Shaun Bankston Chris Chandler English 101-526 Descriptive Essay 27 September 2012 The Greatest Sport in the World American NFL football is the greatest sport in the world. Many would ask why I think this. The Gridiron as we all know it is a very magnificent, strategic, and violent sport. Football can easily catch the unknowing eye of anybody. American football is the greatest sport in the world because of the tailgating, my personal opinion, and the strategy of the game.Through rain or shine, day or night, hail or sleet it really doesn’t matter what the weather is to tailgate. No matter what Mother Nature throws at tailgaters, tailgating is all about having fun. A great NFL stadium tailgate is a slight to behold. Tailgating also offer unhealthy, fatty, and grilled food in its godly goodness. People tend to bring elephant size tents with multiple fat screen televisions when tailgating. The only thing on tailgaters minds are football and partying.Tailgaters can even play footbal l with complete strangers and have their own Tailgating Bowl. The majority of American NFL football games are played on Sunday’s. My anticipation for Sunday NFL games is like a kid waiting to open up his presents on Christmas morning. My first time being inside the New Orleans Superdome which is now the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is one of the greatest feelings ever. The crowds were always loud, sounding like twenty eight wheelers revving up at the same damn time.Looking over the saints’ fans can be described as a black and gold sea. The feeling of being at an American NFL football game is like nothing else in the world. It’s like your parents buying you that brand new car you always wanted for your 18th birthday. American Football in my eyes is the most exciting sport in the world. Nearly every football fan thinks he or she can coach a NFL team. No other sport requires so much thinking. Football is a game of strategy and tactics. There are plays and counter-plays, rather than players running themselves illy for 90 minutes straight. Football is like Violent Chess. It's a smart and hard-hitting game, a combination that other sports lack. Due to the NFL tailgating, my personal opinion, and the strategy of the game, Football is the greatest sport on the planet. Football has a lot to offer. What I mean by that is it teaches kids about working as a team and can also teach leadership as well as discipline. Which nowadays is a tough lesson to teach? That in its self is the biggest reason why this sport is so great.

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Importance of Logistics - 1875 Words

TL1033: Logistics (Part 1 – Introduction to Theory) Level 1 – Semester 2, Bachelor of Transport and Logistics Management Department of Transport and Logistics Management Assessment 1 131448P â€Å"Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes. But when you go to war, you need to have both toilet paper and bullets at the right place at the right time. In other words, you must win through superior logistics.† - Tom Peters The word logistics was used in warfare where logistics became a pivotal technique to win the game. In that case most of the military logistics literatures of early periods were delivered the tactics and insights to work in complex environments (McGinnis, 1992) where the flow of material and information†¦show more content†¦It was a huge challenge to deliver goods with a low price within one day. For that they outsourced and got specialized and expertized 3rd party logistics services. Currently UPS and FedEx do a great job as performing 3PLs. But still there is a main disadvantage of e-commerce is the speed of disposal of product which does not correspond to the speed of ordering (Lekovic and Milicevic, 2013) and if this key challenge can be overcome by any technology, consumers will totally shift to e-tail as it is entirely similar to retail. Other than cost and time utilities, logistics become an important part in e-commerce in the scope E-fulfillment as it is providing an integrated service with all operations in e-commerce. For an example, logistics activities can be used for marketing while communicating with customer face to face in a website. By that logistics forms links with customers, contributing to customer satisfaction and added value. Also this interaction can be used to build the image of corporation. At the same time, when customers received exact goods they ordered within promised duration and quality, that makes consumer to believe consistently on e-commerce (Elkhateb, 2012). Even though logistics makes customers to retain with e-commerce, as to the statistics from still there are only 40% of internet users have bought products through e-commerce. It could be due to the challenges that accompanied withShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Logistics Management3316 Words   |  14 PagesLogistics Management In the Second World War logistics also played an integral role. The allied forces’ invasion of Europe was a highly skilled exercise in logistics, However while the Generals and Field Marshals from the earliest times have understood the critical of logistics, strangely it is only in the recent history that business organizations have come to recognize the vital impact that logistics management can play in gaining a competitive advantage (Christopher 1992). However, we must askRead MoreImportance if Third Party Logistics Essay1860 Words   |  8 PagesExecutive Summary The performance of the logistics system has a major impact on cost structures, revenues, service quality, and competitiveness in Australian industry. Logistics activities have been evolving rapidly in response to changes such as globalization, general industry restructuring, new production processes, and technological advances. Many firms, government agencies and joint industry/government bodies are developing programs to improve logistics performance in Australia. The initiativesRead MoreImportance Of Crm On Today s Supply Chain Logistics Essay1233 Words   |  5 PagesThe Importance of CRM in today’s Supply Chain Logistics Environment Clifford T. Kinnear Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management; ASCI 433, Instructor; Professor Hunt Correspondence of this paper should be addressed to Clifford T. Kinnear and Dave Hunt How to contact;, Abstract The customer should be made an integral part of the supply chain logistics apparatus. Customers demand loyalty and a fairRead MoreLogistics Management And Supply Chain Management1171 Words   |  5 PagesLogistics and Supply Chain Management Topic: Do the terms, ‘logistics management’ and ‘supply chain management’ have the same meaning in operations and why logistics management might be of strategic importance to a manufacturing or service organisation. During last two decades, the importance of logistics has been noticed around the world. In global markets, the effects and further developments of logistics and supply chain management for corporate success has increased significantly that resultRead MoreLogistics Activities926 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is logistic? Deal with the management of the flow of goods or materials from point of origin to point of consumption, and in some cases even to the point of disposal. Logistics is not confined to manufacturing operations alone. It is relevant to all enterprises, including government institutions such as hospitals and schools, service organization such as retailers, banks and financial service organizations. Logistics is dependent upon natural, human, financial and information resources forRead MoreLogistics and Supply Chain Management1168 Words   |  5 PagesTopic: Do the terms, ‘logistics management’ and ‘supply chain management’ have the same meaning in operations and why logistics management might be of strategic importance to a manufacturing or service organisation. During last two decades, the importance of logistics has been noticed around the world. In global markets, the effects and further developments of logistics and supply chain management for corporate success has increased significantly that result in a large amount of companies haveRead MoreCritical Analysis Of A Neural Network759 Words   |  4 Pagescontext of our study: Decision Tree: features importance (Gini impurity factor) – 200 random seeds averaged. Logistic regression: normalized feature importance (beta coefficients) – 200 random seeds averaged. Neural network: Garson’s feature importance. Garson’s algorithm identifies the relative importance of explanatory variables for a single response variable in a supervised neural network by de-constructing the model weights. The relative importance of an independent feature can be determinedRead MoreCurrent Recession and Globalization: Key Transport and Logistics Challenges and Skills1068 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ ESSAY â€Å"The current recession and the globalisation of business organisations has brought with them key transport and logistics challenges. What skills should a transport and logistics graduate have to support these organisations and their activities.† Words: 958 PLAN 1. Introduction 2. What is logistics, how it is changing? 3. Essential skills and comments why they are important 4. Second language geographical knowledge 5. Winanton’s DHL jobRead MoreLogistics Management And Supply Chain Management1125 Words   |  5 Pages Aero Marine Logistics Tomer Dicturel California InterContinental University Aero Marine Logistics Introduction During last two decades, the importance of logistics has been noticed around the world. In global markets, the effects and further developments of logistics and supply chain management for corporate success has increased significantly that result in a large amount of companies have taken actual benefits in logistics, such as reducing costs, enhancing customers satisfactionRead MoreScope of Logistics Management947 Words   |  4 PagesLogistics management covers every stage of the physical distribution process, from raw materials and component parts being ordered and delivered to the factory, materials handling and storage, stock control, sales forecasting from which the forecasts of individual components parts, transport and storage requirements are derived. Other functions include order processing, the purchasing and replenishment of stock, packing, delivery, achievement of set service levels, warehouse location, fleet

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Essay On Electronic Health Record - 1358 Words

An Electronic Health Record is an electronic version of a patient medical history, that is maintained by the provider over time, and may include key administrative, clinical data relevant to that persons care under a health care provider, including demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports (â€Å"Electronic Health Records,†, March 26, 2012). In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, to encourage and promote meaningful adoption and use of health information technology by hospitals and health care professionals. Then in 2011 the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services established the†¦show more content†¦The act also called for the network to be operated by a private, non-profit organization under federal contract (â€Å"History of NOTA,†, March 14, 2017). In 1984, the United Network for Organ Shari ng was established as a non-profit that runs and maintains the national Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, contracted through the division of Transportation in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). UNOS maintains the national database of recipients that are waiting for a donation of a heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, intestines, and or multi-organ transplants. The UNOS organ center responds and maintains patient list requests, recipient status changes, and helps coordinate organ placement 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The United Network for Organ Sharing cannot operate effectively and efficiently without the help of Organ Procurement Organizations(OPO) that operate across the country. Organ Procurement Organizations must obtain and disseminate timely and accurate donor health information to UNOS to match organ donors and organ recipients as quickly as possible. Organ recipient on the national organ waiting list are highly depende nt on timely access to donor health information. To an organ recipient, timely access to donor health information and complete dissemination of donor health information through the proper organ donation andShow MoreRelatedElectronic Health Records Essay934 Words   |  4 PagesElectronic Health Care Records Electronic health records (EHRs) are an electronic version of a patient’s medical history (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2012). The development of EHRs has created a world of opportunity for helping to increase patient involvement, sharing patient data among providers for quality of care improvement and more. However, beginning to use an EHR is no simple task and requires extensive research and planning to find the best options for individual organizationsRead MoreEssay On Electronic Health Record1174 Words   |  5 PagesThe electronic health record (EHR) is a key component of HISs (health information system). While HISs consist of much more, commonly the EHR is the focus of concern. Through the use of HISs, contouring aspects of patient care and proper patient care documentation is required to ensure quality care for every patient as well as providing an evaluation method and quality improvement. While the long-term goal of all medical professionals is standar dized HISs, currently organizations are free to customizeRead MoreEssay On Electronic Health Record1059 Words   |  5 PagesWith the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR), Florida MIS Radiology Department will be introducing a variety of health information. Electronic health information is any type of individually identifiable health information in an electronic form. This health information consists of patient demographics like age, ethnicity, location, and etc. They will also contain conditions the patient has and the vital reading taken on each patient. The electronic health information will reside withRead MoreElectronic Health Record Essay1099 Words   |  5 Pagesaffecting an electronic health record (EHR) system is change. A successful switch from paper-based charts to electronic health records (EHRs) in a clinic requires cautious synchronization for the many components. A myriad of perplexing decisions must be made, extending from selection and application to training and updates. Operating new software is typically easier than the interruption and reconfiguring of a practice’s procedures as well as how to handle its existing paper records. Clinician’sRead More Electronic Health Record Essay1295 Words   |  6 Pagesbased medical records, a new type of record keeping has surfaced - the Electronic Health Record (EHR). EHR is an electronic or digital format concept of an individual’s past and present medical history. It is the principle storage place for data and information about the health care services provided to an individual patient. It is maintained by a provider over time and capable of being shared across different healthcare settings by network-connected information systems. Such records may include keyRead MoreElectronic Health Records Essay932 Words   |  4 Pagesstudent will discuss the national mandate of electronic health records (EHR), and how this mandate is being implemented at the Cleveland C linic Foundation. Also discussed are how Cleveland Clinic is progressing to achieve EHR, and what challenges this brings to patient confidentiality and self-determination. Lastly this student will provide information on the benefits of EHR in healthcare. According to Gunter Terry (2005), â€Å"The electronic health record (EHR) is an evolving concept defined as aRead MoreElectronic Health Record Essay709 Words   |  3 Pageslive receptionist. Electronic health record (EHR) systems have the potential to transform the health care system from a mostly paper-based industry to one that utilizes clinical and other pieces of information to assist providers in delivering higher quality of care to their patients. With EHRs, information is available whenever and wherever it is needed. An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make informationRead More Electronic Health Records Essay2258 Words   |  10 PagesA. What is the issue? An Electronic Health Record is a computerized form of a patient’s medical chart. These records allow information to be readily available to authorized providers during a patient’s encounter with the healthcare system. These systems do not only contain medical histories, current medications and insurance information, they also track patients’ diagnoses, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images and lab tests/results (source). The fundamental aspect ofRead MoreElectronic Health Record Implementation Essay Essay1163 Words   |  5 PagesElectronic Health Record Implementation The purpose of this paper is to discuss the Electronic Health Record (HER) mandate, including its goals and objectives. It will further address how the Affordable Care Act and the Obama Administration connect with the mandate. The plan my facility used to meet the goals of the mandate, as well as what meaningful use is and our status of attaining it will be discussed. In addition, HIPAA laws, the dangers to patient confidentiality, and what my facility hasRead MoreConversion to Electronic Health Records Essay1039 Words   |  5 Pagesexciting time to become part of the health care industry! Medical research makes new discoveries to improve the quality of patient care and save lives on a daily basis. Health care reform is gaining momentum, revolutionizing the industry and requiring many administrative changes, such as the creation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Rules and standards evolved from this act provide a way to ensure your protecte d health information remains confidential. In